We take care of ourselves

Learning to take good care of ourselves is one of the first things we should be taught.

To take care of ourselves in all senses. First of all in a reflexive way, starting with ourselves. Taking care of ourselves by also taking care of our relationships and affections. Both those we give and those we receive.

We take care of ourselves in order to achieve personal wellbeing, to live with coherence between what we feel, think and do.  

Taking care of ourselves also implies knowing ourselves and continuing to learn about ourselves.

Throughout our lives we will experience changes that, far from being a renunciation, can become a way of evolving and making new discoveries.

Sexuality is a central aspect of the human being that accompanies us all our lives. Each person develops it in their own way, forming an important part of their well-being.

I have been working as a sexologist for more than ten years. In this time I have helped all kinds of people to get to know themselves better, to explore more and with more confidence, to feel good about the kind of relationships they want to have and especially to learn to enjoy their sexuality.

I will accompany you and give you tools to improve your well-being and your sexuality throughout your life, which is another way of saying, to take care of your sexual health, which is not only the absence of pathologies or dysfunctions. It necessarily involves finding, with freedom and serenity, that harmony with ourselves.